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A Simple Thank You

10 February 2020

A Simple Thank You 🧡

Thank you, Parents...
... for supporting your children who belong to our amazing community. The commitment in time & money. The reinforcement at home of the values that Martial Arts platform. The wisdom to put your children in a positive, confidence building, mind, body & soul strengthening environment. Thank you for trusting us with your children & for being such great customers & supporters, you guys contribute more than what is acknowledged to make our community wonderful.

Thank you, Traditional Artforms...
... the foundation that has built British Martial Arts. Gratitude for a foundation which holds strong values, manners, respect, mindfulness. Someone described to me that just because Martial Arts is physical, it isn’t violent – very true wise words – the ability to maintain self control comes from the confidence & respect which Martial Arts breeds, this is the blood that runs through its veins – originating from Traditional Martial Arts. So, even if you prefer a hybrid style, please know that a deserved ‘ode to tradition has credibility, it’s what has bought us the diversity which is enjoyed today.

Thank you, instructors’ spouses...
... I don’t think it would be inappropriate to particularly mention the wives, girlfriends & sometimes mothers, who often play second fiddle to their loved one’s passion for Martial Arts. Thanks for the hours often generously given helping out with everything in the background, enabling many Martial Arts club’s to run efficiently. I salute you; you are all unsung heroes in my book.

Thank you, students...
... you pay your due not just in fee’s, but in your time, dedication to training, loyalty to your club, support of your fellow students. We will be entrusting you with the future of Martial Arts, however, you’re coming from good stock, so I know you’ll know how to honour that responsibility.

Thank you to local communities...
... particularly those who experience postcode wars, race issues, gang activity, religious & heritage challenges, thank you for having the respect for our values enough, that when you walk onto the mat, those differences are set aside so we all become one when we are Martial Artists.

Last but not least, thank you to the Amazing Men & Women who serve communities all over the country, teaching Martial Arts. You guys literally change lives. 

This post was inspired by someone who I spoke to recently, in their 60’s, whose practised Martial Arts for most of their life. Who is now old enough to be retrospective & able to measure the real value of Martial Arts. It’s not a bad thing to be reminded of how glorious & extraordinary & life changing Martial Arts is.

So, I ask that when you’re tempted to moan & groan about this & that, remember all the amazing things Martial Arts is & say thank you for being involved & for belonging to all that glory!

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