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Are You a Rubbish Martial Arts Instructor?

08 January 2020

Are you a rubbish Martial Arts Instructor?

When I ask Martial Arts Instructors if they’re rubbish, they always retort NO!

Despite this, many are still reluctant to let people know how good they are.

“I don’t understand how to promote myself”

“I am uncomfortable blowing my own trumpet” 

“I don’t want look like ‘one of those instructors”

You guys are also outraged when another Martial Arts Instructor is getting themselves out there & successfully filling their classes – especially annoying if that instructor isn’t good!

But you’re still reluctant to let people know how good you are!

Let’s look at this a little differently

A 15 yr. old attends class

Loved it

Naturally good at it

Then they said, ‘I don’t want to carry on in case someone takes the mickey’

I bet you’d tell them, that you can’t hold yourself back because of what other people think, especially when what you’re doing is positive, you love it & you’re great at it!

Ring any bells?

The problem isn’t how good you are at teaching, or how good your style is. 

The frustration is you don’t want to be seen as rubbish, but you’re irritated that other clubs who are not as good as you, look better!

The root of the problem is the belief you have about what others may think of you.

If you don’t let people know who you are, they don’t know where to find you.

If nobody finds you, you won’t grow.

If you let perceived judgements from others prevent you, you can’t complain when other clubs attract more students because they don’t give a hoot about what you think.

A small class vs. a busy class, subconsciously appears not as good.

If you’re not rubbish, you need to let your community know.

I want to change some of those sentences that instructors often say…

Instead of “I don’t know how” say “let’s find out how…”

Instead of ‘blowing your own trumpet’ say ‘you’re simply growing your reputation…’

You’ll only become ‘one of those instructors’ if you drop your teaching standards, you’re not doing that, so your safe!

In fact, the bonus here is that if the decent instructors became as good at branding as the rubbish instructors, you guys would blow them out the water!!!

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