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How to Make Money Teaching Martial Arts Part 1: How many students do I need?

08 May 2019

How many students do I need to cover costs & make a decent wage?

This is just an example and of course you should alter the figures to suit your actual circumstances, but it just provides a very basic overview of how to break things down.

So, you want to teach Martial Arts & everyone has told you that it’s not a real job or can’t make you a real living. Frankly, that’s tish tosh.

It’s a great job, which makes huge contribution to communities all over the world. As a bonus, you can make a great living from it, without even working a full 40hrs a week.

If only there was someone who could tell you exactly what to do, how to do it & even hold your hand throughout actually doing it…

Tah Dah!! Team MAGB to the task!

Part 1 – How many students do I need?

Divide your overhead costs, including a wage for yourself, by how much you want to charge per month.


£50,000 per year(£15,000 overheads & £35,000 wage)

Average Class fee - £30 per month

£30 x 12months = £360

Each student is worth £360 per year

£50,000 divided by £360 = 139

To cover your outgoings, including a wage you need 139 students paying £30 per month


139 students paying £360 per year to cover £15,000 costs & to give you a wage of £35,000

This will give you your baseline income

You teach students by identifying their strengths & weaknesses
You implement structure, so students can be the most successful they can be
You develop confidence by helping them to overcome fear of the things they’re not so good at

We do the exact same for Instructors, but on the business side of Martial Arts.

Now you know what you need, you now need to know how to do it.

Take our Business Fitness Test to see what shape you’re currently in.

We are really interested in your thoughts or questions about this, please feel free to leave any comments for discussion.

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