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How to Make Money Teaching Martial Arts Part 2: Marketing. Time To Get Your Head Around It

17 April 2019

Marketing takes time, patience and effort.

You have to pull your head from out of Instructor Heaven, where it’s comfortable & safe. You have to step on scary ground – walk into the unknown where you might make mistakes.

And that’s okay – even if you don’t get it all right, you are preparing to do more than some of your competitors, that’s already an advantage!

If this is going to work, I need your attention. I need your commitment. I need your focus.

There is no point in writing an in depth article, just for you to graze over, be totally overwhelmed & do nothing.

If you were asked to just email how to do a sidekick, you would only be able to describe the theory. You would only be able to really help them by speaking to them.

Everyone’s situation differs. People are at different stages of their club & the approach, mentality & psychological barriers are individual.

We need to deal with your psychology towards change before we can expect you to become a Marketing Guru. Then we need to look at where you are to know how to direct you.

First we need some leverage… We need to know the WHY

Task 1: Get a piece of paper & pen & answer the following questions.

Why do you want to teach martial arts?
What does it make you feel like when you teach?
How does it impact other people?

How does that make you feel?

What would you do with the money you earn? – Make a list, be indulgent!

I hope you feel warm about your answers – so much so that these feelings far out way any reluctance to change – if you conquer this, you get to feel warm more often, you get to impact more people then you get to spend the money on what you want.

When you feel like giving up, just remember WHY you are doing this.

Task 2: Do some research; this is far more powerful than me just telling you a theory.

If you ignore marketing, you won’t ever gain more students – there literally isn’t a business in any industry that gets busy by not letting people know what they do & where to find them.

The problem here is not that you don’t know about marketing – the problem is that you haven’t given change a chance. You haven’t decided that you are going to make it work.

Its okay to feel uncomfortable & that your confidence is a little wobbly. Just pay this some attention. Make a commitment. Give it your focus.

Change your psychology & it changes the game.

Here is an overview of where you need to start:

What is a marketing plan for a local business

How to make your website into a sales tool

Social Media – how to brand it, use it, network with it

Now you will be less resistant, a little more prepared. Things will seem more familiar. You will have your head in a place where you’re more likely to actually do things. Don’t stress about the fine detail, we can help you with that, just do some research.

Then I want you to call us. I look forward to speaking to you…

We are really interested in your thoughts or questions about this; please feel free to leave any comments for discussion.

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