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How to Make Money Teaching Martial Arts Part 3: Processes. The Difference Between Life & Death

07 March 2019

Just the word alone is annoying  - it’s just the most uninspiring set of letters!

I would love to change it to Joy or Ease or Freedom!

Nor is it a new thing. Every task has a process.

How to keep your teeth healthy:






It’s a process! Historically, all processes were manual. All that’s changed is that we have systems that can automate some of these things.

Processes literally apply to every aspect of life, so you can understand why this is so important in keeping your club alive.

If you ignore your processes, it means you are not in control of how things happen. It’s a massive oversight to just hope that things happen by themselves.

Things happen when we focus on them. When we know what we want & we know how things should work.

So many instructors feel frustration – they know they are good.

There is confusion why there are only 2 or 3 enquires a month – it must be the recession, its summer, its winter, its Easter.

To add insult to injury, there is a club a mile away that has 100 students – and the instructor is rubbish! That’s when we start telling ourselves stories…

“They’re only in it for the money, I’m not bothered about that…”

The oversight is to assume that being a good instructor alone would be enough. It isn’t.

The instructor up the road may not teach as well as you, but they’re probably not villainous money grabbers either – they just developed strong business processes. That’s all.

Here is where the magic is though…

If you identify each aspect of a process, you can record it.

Then you can measure it.

If you measure it you can keep yourself financially safe.

If you’re financially safe, you’re happy.

Here’s the interesting bit for me - I am yet to speak with an instructor who likes admin, which is a large part of the processes. It’s true – any good instructor is officially rubbish, it’s almost a pre requisite to being a successful coach!

The great thing is, that there is help at hand. There is software that does it all for you. It’s designed specifically for technically challenged individuals who can’t cope with anything beyond sending an email & guess what, it can even do that for you too!

This however is singularly the most resisted thing!

You want to grow your school.

It hasn’t reached potential because it needs strong processes.

There is software to do most of it for you.

You don’t do it.

I scratch my head in fascination…

The process to change is a massive thing. But it’s this process to change that has to happen first.

If you want to change your circumstance, you have to be willing to take a chance on changing what you do. You have to go through the process of deciding that.

You probably already have business processes in place, they’re just not strong enough & it’s not as big a leap as you think - however the rewards are huge.

The stronger your processes, the more students you teach.

The more students you teach, the more people benefit from martial arts.

The more people who benefit, the more satisfied you feel

The stronger your processes, the safer you are financially.

The safer you are financially, the longer you can teach.

Processes – when resurrected, it brings life & it’s a beautiful thing…

We are really interested in your thoughts or questions about this; please feel free to leave any comments for discussion.

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