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How To Set Up A Martial Arts Club

12 August 2019

You have spent years learning your Art, now you want to teach it to others. Whether you want to do it partime or to supplement your income, whether you end up have 20 students or 200, whether you teach traditional martial arts or a self-devised hybrid style or MMA, the recipe is the same.

However, anyone would think it’s a state secret! Here is a basic tick list to get you going – there is more to think about than what people think, but we promise you, it’s really not difficult & we can support you right through the process!

MAGB Basic Tick List:

Experience in your style to either black belt or what would be considered a Black Belt equivalent

A club name

A logo & club colours

A structured syllabus, even if you don’t intend to grade, have a teaching structure

If you are going to grade, have a grading syllabus

Source a martial arts shop for uniforms / belts / sparring equip etc.
Source printers & website / hosting company

Find a venue

A marketing strategy

A price structure - Include class fees, membership, grading & equipment
Software - MAGB Portal can provide the support for admin, licences & collecting student money automatically

A first aid kit

An accident record book – just get in touch, MAGB can send you one of this Free

Training equipment – focus mitts, kick bags etc.

A risk assessment, Health & Safety & Child Protection Policy

An Enhanced DBS (formally CRB) if you are teaching children or vulnerable adults – MAGB can help with this
Insurance – you need instructor indemnity & student member-to-member cover – MAGB does all this for you

We provide full support for setting up your class – just get in touch & we will tell you everything you need to know, even if you’re not one of our customers!

Look out for our articles on How to Make Money Teaching Martial Arts – Part 1 starts with working out a target for how many students you will need to earn a liveable wage.

We are really interested in your thoughts about this; please feel free to leave any comments for discussion.

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