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How to Make Money Teaching Martial Arts Part 3: Processes. The Difference Between Life & Death

Just the word alone is annoying  - it’s just the most uninspiring set of letters!

I would love to change it to Joy or Ease or Freedom! Nor is it a new thing. Every task has a process. How to keep your teeth healthy: Toothbrush Toothpaste Water Scrub Rinse It’s a process! Historically, all processes were manual. All that’s changed is that we have systems that can Read More
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Martial Arts & Transgender

So, my husband has a fulltime martial arts center, we’ve been going for 30 years so survived many shifts. I have just had my first call asking what toilet a transgender would be expected to use … I have to admit, it caught me off guard, which resulted in bumbling through the call. It hadn’t even occurred to me to think about this commercially. I believe in equal rights – including the right to Read More
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The Beer Bellied Martial Arts Instructor

The whole thing fascinates me. I absolutely understand that being a good instructor doesn’t depend on physique & that communication, connectivity & knowledge are important tools. What fascinates me is when someone walks into a class for the first time & meets a Beer Bellied Instructor, what about that indicates health, or inspiration? The knowledge has to be so superior that it supersedes the need for fitness Read More
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