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The Myth Explained About Mixed Martial Arts Insurance & Licences

06 June 2019

Firstly, lets clear this up from the start - there is no problem insuring an MMA instructor to teach, or insuring MMA students to learn.

Also, if you teach MMA, you are just as responsible to uphold your obligation to be insured & to make sure your students are insured. This applies to them attending your class, training & having any contact with other students – please do not think it’s only fighters who need cover.

The exclusion is simply fighting within a cage.

Please be aware that regardless of what any association, instructor or promoter says; be assured that currently in the UK, this exclusion stands, quite firmly!

MAGB has sourced Public Liability for MMA promoters; participant claims are the only exclusion.

MAGB also welcomes MMA clubs for student licences & instructor Indemnity.

In English, how does this affect you?

Students – if you fight MMA in a ring or on the mat, your licence cover stands for member to member, as with all other martial arts styles.

If you fight in a cage, your licence is not valid – this means that if your opponent tries to sue you, you have no insurance.

It does not mean that you can’t fight in a cage; you just do so, as with all the other competitors at your own risk.

Instructors – if you put your students in to fight MMA in a ring or on the mat, your instructor indemnity cover stands, as with all other martial arts styles.

If you put your student into a cage fight your indemnity in not valid – this means if the student tries to sue you for the decision to enter them into that fight, you have no indemnity insurance.

It does not mean that your students can’t fight in a cage; you just agree for them to do so, as with all the other instructors, at your own risk.

Promoters – your event cover will exclude claims from participants – this means that if fighters try to sue each other, they have no insurance or if they try to sue you, you have no insurance for that claim.

The organisations that do not cover MMA have chosen to exclude this sector, usually due to ignorance about this side of our sport.

MMA clubs often don’t put this in place due to genuine ignorance about whether they need it or not. You are no different from a TKD or Karate class on this one…

It is available, you do need it & we can help you with this!

We are really interested in your thoughts about this; please feel free to leave any comments for discussion.

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