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When you've made your point - STOP Talking!

13 March 2020

Wisdom 🧡

As a big talker, it's ironic that I’m preaching about not talking, unapologetically I stand by this one! 

I’m talking about selling yourself, your club, your service & delivering your prices.

Someone attends a trial lesson...

Them: “How much is it?”

You: “We have an annual me
mbership fee, which always includes your license & we give you a free suit year one. This costs £75. We then charge monthly for lessons, £40 pm for one lesson per week, £50 pm for 2 lessons £75 pm unlimited. How many lessons a week would you like to sign up for?”

Then shut up. Smile, wait for them to answer!

You don’t need to pomp it up, or fill the air with extra words or compensate for your discomfort with noise!

If they ask more questions, it still remains simple:

Can I pay cash?
No I’m sorry, we take fees monthly, but your not contracted... then shut up!

Can I have a discount?
I’m sorry, we receive no subsidy, those are our prices... then shut up!

Do I have to pay a membership fee?
Yes... then shut up!

I don’t want a license...
We won’t operate unprofessionally, so unfortunately there’s no choice there... then shut up!

But Blah Club down the road only charges £3 a lesson...
I know, if you want to go & trial that club first, then get back to us afterwards, you’re more than welcome to do that... then shut up...!

Get the message?

Okay! I’ve made my point... I’ll now stop talking!! 🧡

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