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Send a letter to your MP For Martial Arts

Send a letter to your MP For Martial Arts The email template for instructors to send can be copied here The email template for students/parents to send can be copied here
There will be sentences in there some of you won't like - but do you want to get things off your chest, with a standard response? Or would you like some hope of a response towards a resolve?

If its the latter, these templates off Read More

15 Simple tips for a Google friendly website

Here are 15 simple tips for a Google friendly website, some of these easy to implement website changes could make a huge difference quickly 5 Basic Technical Tips

1. Check in the browser bar if it says Not Secure – call your website company if this is the case – make sure they put the redirects on!
2. Make sure your website is responsive – this means that it can be viewed in a format Read More

Not being Caught With Our Pants Down

You prepare for your Martial Arts classes, you ensure you follow all the guidelines to keep your students safe, you make sure that you are there for them but have you got: > 3 month plan > 6 month plan > 10 month plan
Have you got what you need to do today to make that happen? Yes / No Have you got a way to learn what you don't know? Yes / No Have you got a way to Read More
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