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15 Simple tips for a Google friendly website

29 October 2020

Google friendly website tips

Here are 15 simple tips for a Google friendly website, some of these easy to implement website changes could make a huge difference quickly

5 Basic Technical Tips

1. Check in the browser bar if it says Not Secure – call your website company if this is the case – make sure they put the redirects on!
2. Make sure your website is responsive – this means that it can be viewed in a format responsive to whatever devise it is being viewed on (eg – looks one way on a PC, looks another way on a mobile phone)
3. Check the loading speed
4. Have a privacy & GDPR policy
5. Have a cookie permission pop up

5 Basic SEO Tips

1. Add Google Analytics, Google My Business & Google Search Console Bing webmaster tools
2. Make all titles Heading 1 (only have one H1)
3. Include meta descriptions & titles
4. Use lots of different but relevant rich keywords in your content
5. Make sure where possible images have alt tags

5 Basic Design Tips

1. Make sure the graphics, images etc don’t take a long time to load, use online tools like tinyPNG to reduce the size
2. On your contact page, have the address of venue, an email & a telephone number
3. On homepage have a Book a Free Trial Lesson form, include your beginner timetable so they know when our beginner lessons are available.
4. Make sure your Homepage is working as a sales tool to invite interest, not as a tool to feed your ego as to how great you are – nobody cares – they just want to know who what where & how to book in a lesson.
5. Link up with your business social media profiles

If you need advice, have questions or don't understand any of this then simply get in touch with us, we can explain, help you understand the benefits and even help you get what you need.

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