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How to Make Money Teaching Martial Arts Part 1: How many students do I need?

How many students do I need to cover costs & make a decent wage? This is just an example and of course you should alter the figures to suit your actual circumstances, but it just provides a very basic overview of how to break things down. So, you want to teach Martial Arts & everyone has told you that it’s not a real job or can’t make you a real living. Frankly, that’s tish tosh. It’s a Read More
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How to Make Money Teaching Martial Arts Part 2: Marketing. Time To Get Your Head Around It

Marketing takes time, patience and effort. You have to pull your head from out of Instructor Heaven, where it’s comfortable & safe. You have to step on scary ground – walk into the unknown where you might make mistakes. And that’s okay – even if you don’t get it all right, you are preparing to do more than some of your competitors, that’s already an advantage! If this is going to work, Read More
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How to Make Money Teaching Martial Arts Part 3: Processes. The Difference Between Life & Death

Just the word alone is annoying  - it’s just the most uninspiring set of letters!

I would love to change it to Joy or Ease or Freedom! Nor is it a new thing. Every task has a process. How to keep your teeth healthy: Toothbrush Toothpaste Water Scrub Rinse It’s a process! Historically, all processes were manual. All that’s changed is that we have systems that can Read More
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