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Martial Arts & Transgender

So, my husband has a fulltime martial arts center, we’ve been going for 30 years so survived many shifts. I have just had my first call asking what toilet a transgender would be expected to use … I have to admit, it caught me off guard, which resulted in bumbling through the call. It hadn’t even occurred to me to think about this commercially. I believe in equal rights – including the right to Read More
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The Beer Bellied Martial Arts Instructor

The whole thing fascinates me. I absolutely understand that being a good instructor doesn’t depend on physique & that communication, connectivity & knowledge are important tools. What fascinates me is when someone walks into a class for the first time & meets a Beer Bellied Instructor, what about that indicates health, or inspiration? The knowledge has to be so superior that it supersedes the need for fitness Read More
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UFC Gym: Can it really to work in the UK?

Leisure is one of the most competitive industries to infiltrate, what are UFC Gym thinking? On my doorstep alone, there is Virgin, a 24hr, about 5 posh independents & 2 David Lloyds within a 2 mile radius. Is there any room on our little Island for anything else? Then there’s the whole American vibe. We don’t like the enthusiasm, the corporate high fives. It doesn’t work here. It’s just not Read More
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