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Strong Foundations

A strong foundation is something we talk about a lot within the technical arena of Martial Arts.
It's actually important for every area of life that we want to build on.

A strong business foundation is:

Many Read More

When you've made your point - STOP Talking!

Wisdom 🧡 As a big talker, it's ironic that I’m preaching about not talking, unapologetically I stand by this one!  I’m talking about selling yourself, your club, your service & delivering your prices.
Someone attends a trial lesson... Them: “How much is it?”
You: “We have an annual membership fee, which always includes your license & we Read More
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A Simple Thank You

A Simple Thank You 🧡 Thank you, Parents...
... for supporting your children who belong to our amazing community. The commitment in time & money. The reinforcement at home of the values that Martial Arts platform. The wisdom to put your children in a positive, confidence building, mind, body & soul strengthening environment. Thank you for trusting us with your children & for being such great customers & Read More
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