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A Simple Thank You

A Simple Thank You 🧡 Thank you, Parents...
... for supporting your children who belong to our amazing community. The commitment in time & money. The reinforcement at home of the values that Martial Arts platform. The wisdom to put your children in a positive, confidence building, mind, body & soul strengthening environment. Thank you for trusting us with your children & for being such great customers & Read More
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Are You a Rubbish Martial Arts Instructor?

Are you a rubbish Martial Arts Instructor? When I ask Martial Arts Instructors if they’re rubbish, they always retort NO! Despite this, many are still reluctant to let people know how good they are. “I don’t understand how to promote myself” “I am uncomfortable blowing my own trumpet”  “I don’t want look like ‘one of those instructors” You guys are also Read More
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How many more confirmations do you need, for what you already know?

How many more confirmations do you need, for what you already know? The 3 most common things instructors admit to being unhappy with, often boil down to the following; I’m not happy in my day job, I know I want to teach Martial Arts Full time - but I’m scared, so do nothing about it I’m not happy with how many students I have, really I know I need to learn about the business side, but I’m Read More
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