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Have you ever been on a date?

Have you ever been on a date? To be clear – the question is rhetorical! But, I’d like to roll with it, for the purpose of my point…. So, have you ever been on a date? And, what on earth does that have to do with anything?! I often get feedback from Martial Arts instructors that they are rubbish at selling. Lets’ look at this a little differently... If you’ve ever been on a date, you can Read More
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Martial Arts - Tradition Discipline Standards

Martial Arts it steeped in tradition, discipline and standards.  However, we are experiencing a bit of a clash… Long gone are the days when you could ask your students to stand for an hour practicing one punch. Long gone are the days where we can take for granted that most students will stay with you for 15 years. Business has changed
Advertising has changed
Health & Safety has changed
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Being Cruel to be Kind

Being Cruel to be Kind Okay, admittedly I don’t literally mean cruel in its definitive sense, but the theory behind the saying I do stand by. If a student struggles & dislikes a technique or exercise, what would your response be if they avoid it or keep giving up?

“never mind, you hate it, you’re not very good at it, you’re way out of your comfort zone so let’s just not do that Read More
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