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Not being Caught With Our Pants Down

22 October 2020

Martial Arts Licenses

You prepare for your Martial Arts classes, you ensure you follow all the guidelines to keep your students safe, you make sure that you are there for them but have you got:

> 3 month plan
> 6 month plan
> 10 month plan

Have you got what you need to do today to make that happen? Yes / No
Have you got a way to learn what you don't know? Yes / No
Have you got a way to measure what's working & what's not? Yes / No
Have you got the flexibility to pivot when you need to? Yes / No
How do you know when you need to change things? Yes / No

If the answer is not YES to all these things, do our Free Business Fitness Test, or book in a full Club HealthCare Check by emailing 
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