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Send a letter to your MP For Martial Arts

03 November 2020

Send a letter to your MP For Martial Arts

The email template for instructors to send can be copied here

The email template for students/parents to send can be copied here

There will be sentences in there some of you won't like - but do you want to get things off your chest, with a standard response? Or would you like some hope of a response towards a resolve?

If its the latter, these templates off that as an effective way to communicate to your MP.

If you want to send your own version, at very least, these templates offer a format to follow.

You can also find your local MP using the below

Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to make sure you get any possible help you need, Martial Arts makes a huge difference in so many lives, it changes lives for the better, in some cases it saves lives and we care what happens to students, instructors, clubs & those who depend on Martial Arts in any form.

Please send your attendance stats through so we can evidence if we are COVID safe:

Please submit photos for the Martial Arts is Essential Campaign:


Mugged, domestic violence, bullied, confidence, weight, health, flexibility, mental strength, depression, suicide, PTSD, loneliness, anxiety, autism, positive life choices, physical strength, employment, community, learning difficulty, disability, education, coming away from crime, children in care, substance abuse...

What’s your story?

I need as many instructors and students to take a headshot photo holding a sign saying:

My name is:
Martial Arts Saved Me From / Helped Me With:

Email to

By sending, you agree we can use your photo for this campaign. The purpose is solely for promoting Martial Arts.

Please include your Clubs name, Instructors name & Club email & area your club is so we can promote them

Please find an example of the kind of photo we need:

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