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UFC Gym: Can it really to work in the UK?

10 December 2018

Leisure is one of the most competitive industries to infiltrate, what are UFC Gym thinking?

On my doorstep alone, there is Virgin, a 24hr, about 5 posh independents & 2 David Lloyds within a 2 mile radius. Is there any room on our little Island for anything else?

Then there’s the whole American vibe. We don’t like the enthusiasm, the corporate high fives. It doesn’t work here. It’s just not British…

On top of that, the initials UFC can be off putting - we either love it or think it’s something sent from the devil.

I found myself at the UFC Gym UK launch earlier this year, considering the barriers, logistics, risk & hurdles…

…I absolutely loved every aspect of it. Literally, not even 5 minutes in & I was sold.

I wasn’t there to become involved, I have no oppressed desire to become a gym owner. Fancy pants brands don’t excite me, nor am I swayed by press & media.

My business instinct kicked in. Every bone in my body fell in love with the whole idea & to my complete surprise, I felt excited.

I am a little biased, having a privileged insight to some of the people behind UFC Gym UK. Joe Long is the other half of Fighters Inc. I personally think anything either Paul or Joe does is worth looking at & Joe is a UFC Gym UK Director. If that’s not enough, the other Director is Mike Bisping. Never mind his UFC fighting career, importantly he already has a UFC Gym in California.

Joe is a cockney & Mike is a Northerner – you literally couldn’t get more understanding of what British is if you tried.

Then you have UFC – putting aside your approval, just take a peep into the business.

It’s worthy of being described as a Beast. It’s a multimillion dollar generating machine. Nothing they do is half measure. Everything has vigour & standards that blow most corporates out the water. They are risk averse, strategic geniuses with the knowledge, power & resource behind them to generate success for everyone involved.

For me, mixing the UFC Gym business model with Joe & Mike is enough on its own to get the juices flowing.

As the launch crowd got smaller & the Tie’s loosened, we all got nicely merry & the conversation became more relaxed – it was an incredible insight of what can happen if the right people come together - it’s going to be amazing.

If being involved in a Franchise is your thing, then you have to look at this. It’s not cheap, but nor should it be. This is for people who want to make serious money.

As leisure professionals, if you’re good, this is what you need to look at as a must in your CV.

As a gym choice, UFC Gym has nothing to do with Cage Fighting. It’s an amazing concept for a family gym. Take little Johnny to the children’s martial arts class in one area & then you train with state of the art equipment, revolutionary body concepts & world class PT’s. The standard is incredible.

I have sat back & watched as the aftermath of the launch settled & these guys got down to business. UFC Gym UK will be opening in several of locations over the coming months… I predict there is indeed room on our little Island for a little disruption within the gym industry!

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