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Direct Debit & Club Software


Designed for instructors with a small club.

Free with MAGB DD Management or £10/mo

0 - 50 students

No credit card or install needed


Designed for instructors who want to grow their business.

Free with MAGB DD Management or £25/mo

51 - 150 students

No credit card or install needed


Designed for established businesses with a larger member base, premises & teams of any size.

Free with MAGB DD Management or £69/mo

151 - 1500 students

No credit card or install needed

"Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days"
Zig Ziglar

Direct Debit Management Service

Financially, one of the greatest decisions you can make

If you already know what you’re doing…  but struggling with admin time?

If you need healthier cashflow... without increasing fees, or compromising on your standards?

If you're student attendance is lower than you prefer... are you only offering students pay as you go?

You simply need to automate your fees & as much admin as you can & manage everything in one place, leavingmore time for the bits you love.

And, you get award winning software free of charge!

MAGB offer a fully managed DD service.
We charge a flat fee regardless of your turnover, so smaller clubs can take advantage of better rates too.
You can choose to offer your students both contract or non-contract options & you wont have to increase your fees.
There is no set up fee.
Set up can all be done on line.

MAGB can often save clubs in the region of £1250 per year in comparison to other DD management.

What if... the choice to do this drastically revolutionises your cash flow, money management & increases attendance?

Martial Arts ClubManager

Low-cost, award-winning membership management system.
This software can help convert enquiries, manage membership information & sign ups, gives you retention & conversion figures, sends bulk emails & texts to students, integrates payments, incl. Direct Debit, Cash & Standing Order, Licence automation, Online registration & class booking & holds all your data GDPR compliantly - basically everything you need in one portal.

There is a range of choice starting for small partime clubs with less than 50 students, right up to businesses with 1000 plus, so we have an option for all needs & budgets - if you also use MAGb Direct Debit Management, the system is free.

What if... by just having strong processes you gained control, made more money, attracted more new students, retained more existing students, increased attendance, knew you were completely compliant & had more time to do the things you liked?

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