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About Us

What we do isn't as sexy as teaching martial arts... However we are the best in the business & we love it!

Dawn Willock has been part of Martial Arts for over 30 years, continuously driving tremendous change in that time. 

Her experience started when her husband began teaching Karate as a hobby in church halls in the late 1980s. In 1991 she supported his move into teaching full-time, seeing his martial arts club go from belonging to the “old boys' network” to being independent and then opening two full-time martial arts centres that offer a variety of styles with multiple trainers on board. 

Using her wealth of business experience and understanding, she embarked on a journey to provide the practical support needed for the Martial Arts industry: Martial Arts GB – or MAGB – was born. 

"Martial Arts GB was founded on this experience, for which I am extremely grateful for as it gave MAGB an incredibly exciting recipe for how to actually look after a group of great customers from a fantastic industry who offer an incredible service to the public. We like to match that by also being great, fantastic & incredible alongside you!"
Dawn Willock M.D.


What we do

As the UK's leading professional service provider for UK Martial Arts, we look to support you throughout all aspects of running your martial arts club, association & event.

We provide you with compliancy, save you time, make you more money, and leave you free to just do what you enjoy the most – teach! 
There isn’t another organisation in the whole of the UK who provides what we do.


Our Distinctive Advantage

Not only were we founded on personal experience, but we also have literally thousands of martial arts instructors throughout the UK teaching a kaleidoscope of different styles, form very small clubs to huge associations, so when it comes to running a club and keeping both Instructors and students happy, we know what works.

However, what absolutely sets us apart from our peers are our integrity, transparency, value, and efficiency. We are accountable and we do everything we can to deliver.
Oh, and we're lovely when we speak to our customers!

Changing the way people THINK about running a martial arts business

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