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Martial Arts Insurance & DBS

Please be aware that we are not an insurance company - the insurance is arranged through an Insurance Broker Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Student Martial Arts Licences

If you just require licences, no problem.

Once you have decided to arrange martial arts licences through MAGB, you have access to very simple processes to save you time and keep everything in order and up to date.

We guarantee the easiest Martial Arts Student Licence process in our industry.
We also remind you when renewals are due, we even fill out all your Martial Arts Licence Books if you have them.

If you use our Martial Arts Software, the admin is entirely removed for you, as the whole licence process is automated.

If you also integrate student payments, you won’t even have to collect the Annual Licence Fees – it can all be automated.


You have some choices about licence books which we will go through with you when we speak to you.

All enquiry conversations are confidential; no personal information is required whilst just enquiring and at no point are you under any obligation.

Martial Arts Student licence covers:


  • Member to Member

  • Public Liability

  • General Third Party

  • Personal Accident (optional)

  • MAGB or your own branded Licence Books (optional)

  • Up to full contact competition as standard

  • MMA included

  • Weapons included



Anchor Student Licences

Martial Arts Instructor Indemnity

If you just require Professional Liability, no problem.

We adhere to regulation and you receive the original certificate from the insurers.

Please note that if you don't receive the underwriter certificate from a martial arts organisation, they are acting against compliancy.

There is some compliance set by the underwriters to get Instructor Indemnity. If you are over 18yrs and hold a black belt or equivalent (for those styles who don't grade) then that's a good start. If you are not sure about this just call us and we can help you understand what the underwriters mean by 'equivalent'.

For Associations, you will need to get in touch with us and we will let you know what information is required to put your instructors through, then the certification can be sent directly to your Association.


Martial Arts Instructor Indemnity covers:


  • Public Liability

  • Professional Liability

  • Product Liability

  • Personal Accident (optional)

  • MMA included

  • Weapons included


Anchor Instructor Insurance

Martial Arts Events

We arrange martial arts event insurance for fight nights, competitions and seminars in the UK.

We also arrange cover for all martial arts ring combat and octagon / caged mixed martial arts event insurance.


Martial Arts Event insurance Covers:

Public Liability protection for the organiser of a Martial Arts Event

Anchor Event Liability

DBS (Formally CRB) Enhanced Disclosure

Anyone who has contact with people under the age of 16 is required to have an enhanced disclosure check.


Again, we have sourced the most convenient way possible for Instructors to be able to get a DBS.

The process takes about 15 minutes and most people receive their enhanced certificate within 14 days.

Our main objective for DBS checking is to safeguard children against sexual predators.


Although we do reserve the right to decline our services under any grounds, our main stance for review sits within applicants who are either suspected or convicted sex offenders, not other types of convictions.


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