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Martial Arts Association Service

You do what you love, MAGB will do the rest...

As an Association, you will probably already have everything set up and in good working order. However, the time on admin, student & instructor communication for updates, money collection, renewals & management of all this can be considerable for organisations, which is where we can help.

We already work with many National & International Associations, so we are familiar with most needs here - it is almost always that the size of your organisation has outgrown processes, leaving holes in managing things properly, or lots of time involved by manual processes. Often money is also being haemorrhaged so the efficiency of the finances can suffer, commonly without it even being realised.

If you already have your insurance sourced, we can offer a Licence Management, which allows you to remain with your current insurance provider & we provide a system which just manages the admin, or we can provide a complete Association service that delivers all your admin & arranges all your student licences & Instructor Indemnity, DBS & fee collection requirements.

We also have a strong confidentiality policy, so you can be assured that you can maintain your authority, you are outsourcing the work to MAGB, not affiliating publicly with our brand.

The most important starting point is to identify what exactly you need so the best starting point is for you to simply get in touch. Please be assured, all conversation is confidential, and you have no obligation.




Reinventing The Business Of Martial Arts

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