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Martial Arts Direct Debit Management

One of the best decisions you could ever make

Although often something instructors are really nervous about, financially, direct debit for Martial Arts is one of the greatest decisions you can make.

Automated payments reduce admin time, immediately increases cashflow and boosts attendance – without you having to increase your fee’s or tie anyone into a contract if you don’t want to.

It’s also a fully integrated payment facility through online joining on your website or through the Free Student App.

MAGB offer a full Direct Debit Management Service.

We charge a flat fee, so larger clubs make huge savings and smaller clubs can take advantage of a better rate.

There is no set up fee.
Set up can all be done online.

MAGB can often save clubs in the region of £1250 per year in comparison to other DD management.

What if... the choice to do this drastically revolutionises your cash flow, money management & increases attendance?


Reinventing The Business Of Martial Arts

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