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Martial Arts Health & Safety

Protect the Students & Protect Yourself

Health & Safety in Martial Arts
Health & Safety Law exists and to protect Martial Arts, Instructors and Students, we should not overlook it.

We are not health & Safety Consultants, but we do have access to one who will help you if you ever want anyone to approve your risk assessments etc.

You are required to have all the H&S Policies, Risk Assessments & Safeguarding in place, even if you teach as a hobby, or make don’t make any profit.

We know it’s a long job, so we have done it all for you.

Risk Assessment Templates


Martial Arts Health & Safety Policy Book

A Full H&S Handbook already written with every policy we need, specifically for Martial Arts, also includes all your Risk Assessment Templates and Safeguarding – including use of MAGB Designated Safeguarding Officer


Sport England Safeguarding in Martial Arts

MAGB is a recognised organisation through Sport England for Martial Arts Safeguarding.

All MAGB Instructors have access to our Safeguarding Policy, DSL officer & a fast track route for Sport England recognition for your individual club – just Log In to the members area for access to all your documents etc.

For further resource, please find helpful links to look at:


Government site for Health & Safety Law:

Safeguarding Code for Martial Arts:


To watch the live Q&A with Sue from Sport England


The map you automatically get registered on:

MAGB Tribe, you already have access to a DSL, but for anyone who wants to attend a safeguarding course to become a DSL:


Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts Facebook Group


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