If You Live Teaching Martial Arts, You'll Love MAGB

Martial Arts GB provides services to Martial Arts Instructors, Clubs, Associations, Promoters and Sanctioning Bodies throughout the UK and we are the only organisation in the UK who does everything we do, under one roof.


MAGB has always been a pioneer for independent Martial Artists to run their Clubs & Associations with financial safety, without compromising on integrity or teaching standards.


With over 30 years in the industry under our belt, we know the logistics involved of running a martial arts class better than most.


We don’t tie you in – it’s simply a matter of choosing what you want.


From Martial Arts Licences & Martial Arts Insurance Policies, Martial Arts Club Software, Direct Debit Management, Health & Safety & Safeguarding in Martial Arts, right through to Student Growth, Marketing, Business Strategy & Branding for a local club – we literally do everything under one roof.


Our processes are simple, our solutions are robust and our promises are always guaranteed.

How Can We Help You?

Martial Arts Student Licenses & Instructor indemnity

MAGB is the UK's leading martial arts organisation, we arrange martial arts insurances including student licenses, instructor professional  indemnity and martial arts events. Our simple processes are guaranteed to reduce your admin, offering time saving, affordable solutions for your club.


Reinventing The Business Of Martial Arts