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Martial Arts is steeped in tradition

Martial Arts Tradition

Martial Arts is steeped in tradition, discipline and standards.

However, we are experiencing a bit of a clash…

Long gone are the days when you could ask your students to stand for an hour practicing one punch.

Long gone are the days where we can take for granted that most students will stay with you for 15 years.

Business has changed

Advertising has changed

Health & Safety has changed

Communication has changed

The way the consumer behaves has changed

martial arts club advice

So, this is my advice: Keep your traditional elements, keep your discipline, and definitely keep your standards.

Then let go of everything else…

Embrace the opportunities of change

Embrace not getting left behind

Embrace the satisfaction of your personal growth.

If you decide only one thing about how you run your martial arts club, make it to embrace change.

  • Innovate

  • Be flexible

  • Engage differently

  • Make friends with change

  • Get comfortable with coming out your comfort zone

Actually decide to expect change – it makes things less of a shock!

What changes are you struggling with? Happy to help no matter how large the problem seems, get in touch, we’ve got you.

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