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Support for every Martial Arts club

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Martial Arts club support

If your club is struggling, if you’re struggling, if you’re frustrated, if you’re looking at other clubs or activities in your area & feeling vulnerable…

Please take a step back, just for one moment.

When you’re on the back foot, of course, you’ll feel vulnerable.

I promise I’m not dismissing the overwhelm & frustration.

This is why it’s important to step back, just for one moment…

Any decision made from a place of either desperation, worry or defensiveness is never - not ever - going to serve you the best.

What to do:

  • Do nothing - not yet!

  • Breathe, take a step back

  • Try to identify the emotion - if it’s one of panic/worry etc, then Acknowledge you need to seek someone else’s perspective before you go any further.

  • If that’s not possible, email me personally,

Now, I’m not going to mend your whole life, but if you are struggling with any part of your club, we can get you the tools & support to sort it out, it’ll be solid advice, based on growth, strong foundation, confident data, solid strategy, efficient tools, ROI for you & absolutely NO sales patter.

  • We will squelch your frustration

  • We will put you on solid ground

  • We will extract your strengths & celebrate them

  • We will take the vulnerable bits - & just do those jobs for you!

What MAGB does:

What does all that mean in layman’s terms?

Unlimited daily support on those daft little things that need an unbiased eye & top-notch industry knowledge.

Friendly, professional, honest customer care.

Real help, for great instructors, who struggle or cannot find the time for admin.

And access to me, my team & absolutely all our resources, even if you're a small struggling community club.

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