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Re-join Lost Martial Arts students

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Ways to re-join lost Martial Arts students before you re-open.

Everyone has lost members from online classes – you have several choices but here are a few tips.

Don't be upset they didn’t support you & act accordingly – this will result in them probably never coming back…

Don't beg them – always a bad idea & invariably results in no return

Do send them a friendly message, with an easy way for them to join you again, if they want to.

Even if they don’t, they've had a nice experience of you & more likely to return in the future…

For those who have software through MAGB, this will take you 5 minutes to do:

> Go to Settings

> Email Templates

> Create a new email – We are Opening 12th April!

> Write a nice email to tell students you are reopening & they can now re-join.

> On the righthand side, you will see DRAG AND DROP: JOINING / RENEWAL LINKS

> Drag & drop the different membership links into the email.

> Save.


> Go to Members Grid

> Select members that CANCELLED.

> Select email template: We are Opening 12th April!

> Send bulk email.

If you use the Club Manager App, you can also do this through the App simulator, where you can automatically amend the date to start to your opening date.

If you need some help doing it that way, pop an email over & we can send you a video.

If you don’t have a CRM system & want to investigate, Contact Us & we can give you a free trial & demo, no obligation, for you to experience the benefits, or email today

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