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Martial Arts - Tradition Discipline Standards

Martial Arts it steeped in tradition, discipline and standards.  However, we are experiencing a bit of a clash… Long gone are the days when you could ask your students to stand for an hour practicing one punch. Long gone are the days where we can take for granted that most students will stay with you for 15 years. Business has changed
Advertising has changed
Health & Safety has changed
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The Myth Explained About Mixed Martial Arts Insurance & Licences

Firstly, lets clear this up from the start - there is no problem insuring an MMA instructor to teach, or insuring MMA students to learn. Also, if you teach MMA, you are just as responsible to uphold your obligation to be insured & to make sure your students are insured. This applies to them attending your class, training & having any contact with other students – please do not think it’s only fighters who need Read More
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Teaching Martial Arts is Never Ever a Hobby

I’ll set my stall out immediately – this sentence really annoys me, regularly being forced to use politeness when discussing this because it’s such a common mentality, but honestly, I hate it! I am coming from a good place. I want to offer an alternative description & why it’s a game changer. Approaching anything with the word ‘hobby’ immediately removes seriousness. It declares Read More
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